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Regenerating Collagen Moisturiser 50ml -

A rich collagen cream or moisturiser formulated with CBD and aloe vera juice to keep the skin supple,  nourished and to give skin a youthful glow. This antioxidant collagen cream helps to fight the signs of ageing while keeping the skin hydrated.

  • Helps to diminish fine lines and wrinkles
  • Targets dehydration and dullness
  • Reduce the effects of age spots and uneven skin tone

Skin type – For dry to normal skin

Skin concern – Anti-ageing & dryness

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Anti-ageing CBD face cream with collagen

The aloe vera juice helps to fight dehydration, which can exaggerate the appearance of lines and dullness. Aloe vera also contains potent antioxidants like vitamin C and vitamin E, to reduce the effects of UV damage such as age spots, lines and uneven skin tone.

As you get older, your body produces less and less collagen, and this has an effect on your skin. This means that your plump, supple skin naturally loses some of its elasticity. The loss of collagen might also make your skin more prone to wrinkles and sagging skin. Our CBD moisturiser is designed to care for ageing skin, by keeping it hydrated while enhancing your natural glow.

This moisturiser is part of our Rejuvenate range -- a range of skincare for dry and mature skin that just needs some TLC. It's designed to be used with the Correcting Eye Cream and Luxury Facial Oil. However, it works just as well on its own. This collagen cream helps retain youthfulness and elasticity while brightening your skin.

Vegan, all-natural active ingredients

We're very proud of our completely plant-based skincare line. All our products, including our night cream and our face cream, are cruelty-free and vegan-friendly. We're happy to have found a plant-based solution to animal-derived ingredients.

In addition to this, we want to uphold the highest standards of cruelty-free cosmetics when we create our collagen creams. We are actively working towards having our products certified cruelty free. Our Regenerating Collagen Moisturiser is silicon-free. All its goodness get directly absorbed into your skin, without the occlusive barrier of silicone.

Besides that, we've packed our collagen creams full of plant-based actives to hydrate and nourish your skin. Our collagen moisturiser 50ml jar is the perfect product for you.

How to use

The Regenerating Collagen cream will slip right into your skincare routine. It can be used twice daily or used as an effective night cream. Once your serum is dry, dampen your face and use a thin layer of our Regenerating Collagen Moisturiser on your face and neck. This will lock in moisture, and give your skin the boost of surface hydration that it needs.

If you're using our Regenerating Collagen cream in the mornings, put on some SPF before applying your makeup, and you're ready to go!

To complete your skincare routine use the Correcting Eye Cream to help brighten dark under-eye circles.


Aqua, aloe vera juice (aloe barbadensis), CBD isolate (500mg), cetearyl alcohol, polysorbate 60, vegetable glycerin, sunflower seed oil (helianthus annuus), olive oil (olea europaea), coconut oil (cocos nucifera), shea butter (butyrospermum parkii), hydrolysed collagen, apricot kernel oil (prunus armeniaca), zinc oxide, oat silk (avena sativa), vitamin E (tocopherol), oatmeal (avena sativa), xanthan gum, phenoxyethanol, ethylhexylglycerin, Matrixyl 3000.

Key actives:

  • Aloe Vera Juice: Aloe vera is packed full of powerful antioxidants to fight the effects of UV damage, such as fine lines and hyperpigmentation. As it is made up of 99.5% water, aloe vera juice is intensely hydrating to quench dry and dehydrated skin. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, aloe vera can also be particularly effective at calming acne flare-ups.
  • Cannabidiol: Cannabidiol (CBD) is a compound found in the hemp plant known for its powerful skin-loving properties, such as restoring balance and resilience. The soothing properties of CBD make it suitable for sensitive skin types that have a tendency to react negatively to certain products. CBD also has potent antioxidant properties which can help to brighten skin and fade fine lines. Contain natural hemp extract with 0% THC.
  • Olive Oil: A natural emollient, olive oil is charged full of fatty acids to help dry skin retain water and stay hydrated. It is also naturally rich in squalene which mimics the skin’s naturally occurring oils. This makes it particularly beneficial for more sensitive skin types. Olive oil also contains phenolic compounds, which work as effective antioxidants to heal the skin from environmental damage.
  • Apricot Kernel Oil: Apricot kernel oil is high in omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids, which soothe the skin while keeping it soft and supple. Apricot kernel oil also closely resembles the natural sebum produced by the skin, making it an excellent ingredient for keeping your skin balanced and hydrated without irritation.
  • Matrixyl 3000: Matrixyl 3000 is a synthetic peptide known for its ability to stimulate the skin’s collagen production, making it a popular ingredient in anti-ageing products and our night cream. By increasing the skin’s collagen production, Matrixyl 3000 can improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

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